Girl with Drawing

Submission Guidelines

A special section of our website and print magazine are devoted to young artists. 

Poets and fine artists 12 years old and younger are invited to send us their beautiful work. Please see Submit for the kind of work we publish.

Art and poetry can be from school assignments, collaboration with friends, or a time spent playing with words and art supplies. Please include one or two sentences about yourself as a creator with your submission. 

If you are a young contributor, please have your parent(s)/guardian(s) read the conditions below before submitting:

  • Please have the young artist submit using your email address. We will not accept work from a child's personal email. 

  • Please attach the submission as a Word document for writing, and JPG for art.

  • You may include the child's name and age, but no other identifying information. We will only publish the child's first name (or pseudonym/pen name) age, and a 1-2 sentence bio if you include it. If your child wants to use a pseudonym, please let us know in the body of the email.

  • If we choose to publish the child's work, we will send you (the parent/guardian) a consent form that gives us permission to publish their piece(s) with the name and age you provided in our print and online issues. Only members, patrons, and customers who purchase the print magazines will have access to children's work. See our patreon page here:

  • If you prefer your child's work to remain only on our website and not be published in print, please let us know in your email. 

For our full Privacy Policy, please visit our website here: