Poetry Contest 2020

In Support of All About Pets Rescue

Green Eyed Cat

Our sister magazine, Honeyguide Literary Magazine, is partnered with All About Pets Rescue, and we're seeking support for this wonderful organization. 

The rescue fell into financial difficulty due to COVID-19. It strives to provide quality care from before, but with so few funds (sometimes $40 a week), the owners have had to make cuts to keep themselves afloat. 

Usually, the rescue is open to host local artist seminars, community events, and children's education programs. They also supported local small businesses, selling handmade items, and providing space for the businesses to advertise. The owners also supported other animal shelters, always maintaining a community mindset and shared mission, even if the other rescues were more financially secure.

They have poured their heart, souls, and finances into educating the public and helping people and animals in need. 

The rescue will continue out of the owners' home, but the building is set to close its doors by the fall. This will restrict the number of animals the owners can rescue (they had partnered with the ACC to save animals on the kill list) and remove a viable space for other independent entrepreneurs and children's programs. 

Proceeds are donated to the rescue. 

Contest Submission Guidelines

The contest is open between July 1 - 30th. 

Fill out the form below with your full name, email, and name of your poem. Then copy and paste your entire poem into the message box and follow the prompts for payment. 

We only accept poetry up to 20 lines. Each submission is $5. Poets can submit as many poems as they like, but only one poem per submission. 

One grand winner will be awarded $200 and guaranteed publication on our website and print issue. The second and third place winners will also have guaranteed publication in our magazine. 

Contest submissions can be about anything, but we favor poems about rescue animals (domestic and wild), animal emotions, and felinehood. 

We will not accept poetry with foul language, pornography, or in support of the inhumane treatment of people or animals.