1. Origin and etymology

            In our less fluid world, we had

            to repurpose meaning: many things

            became one.

            As with its multitude of arms, each

            containing an undulating, independent

            will: we wonder what words get up to

            when we’re not reading them.


2.  Second declension

            Even our numbers are shifty

            as we aught to know by now

            the way our definitions change:

            a singular being, becoming eight;

            lost in translation from one

            frame of reference to another,

            like the angle of sunlight in water.

            Which is why they know

            we’re watching.


3.  Plurality    

            We like to watch,

            as we assume someone

            is watching us, anticipating

            our perceived mistakes

            – we hypercorrect –

            before it’s even made -

            but the too true is false, also -

            like reflections and mirages:

            what shapes the water shows us

            are equally irrational.


4.  Split Infinitive

            We’re learning to be less littoral;

            to look for the deeper meaning

            beneath each wave, scribbling

            into our appointment colanders

            the wholly unknown

            and unreasonable.

Originally hailing from the backwaters of San Jose, CA, Donald Raymond now lives in the tiny, cow-haunted hamlet of Alturas, CA, where he works as an accountant, because his guidance counselors never warned him that sort of thing could happen. He spends his free time studying Egyptology, cooking, and arguing with his cat.


You can read more of his work at Angel City Review, Arsenic Lobster, and Eye to the Telescope.