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Our debut is available to read for free online under "March 2021."

You are also welcome to purchase a copy in our store, or become a patron for free PDFs and discounts. 

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Why Field Guide

We believe that quality poetry is a glance at a single moment, when emotions are both wild and restrained, the speaker has clarity and uncertainty, and answers are formed yet murky, like lines in a watercolor painting. 

Field Guide publishes poetry that reveal an emotional landscape, when time and direction are at once authoritative and subtle, and two opposing forces speak in unity concerning an idea, event, person, or change.

We also accept art, preferably graphite and watercolor paintings, that are gentle yet bold, and reveal a landscape of human relationships, emotions, dreams and ways of being. 

We are a small branch of Honeyguide Literary Magazine with a far smaller editorial team, so we can only publish once a year. 

All of our content is free online, and we offer packages to purchase our issues in print.  

We encourage all aspiring poets to submit, whether they are established and widely published, just discovering how a poem works, or developing their craft. Child poets have their own space in our magazine. See Children's Poetry for details. 

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